Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trash the Dress with Megan LaBarbera

Well we all know of the newest wedding photography phenomenon sweeping the nation, right? The trash the dress session is about as cool as it gets! So when I had the opportunity to "Trash the Dress" (ok not my actual wedding dress, but still), I jumped at the chance to work with Megan LaBarbera She is young, hip, and cool, and I should also mention superbly talented!

My actual wedding dress is sitting in a spare closet at home, boxed, cleaned and preserved, so I knew that wouldn't be an option. Quite honestly, it wasn't the right dress for the shoot anyway, it was grand, regal, and completely glam, perfect for my ballroom wedding, but not right for what I had in mind here.

So fall began with the search for the "perfect" TTD dress. It had to be sexy and flowy, fall perfectly no matter how I moved, and give me the freedom to try different things without feeling restrained. So what else than to turn to EBAY! It took a while but I found the perfect dress, sadly it was many sizes too big. I thought, "it's ok, it isn't like it is my wedding!" Off I went to this sweet little italian lady seamstress in the center of Milford. Despite the fact that she couldn't understand why I was already married, but still needed my dress altered, she worked her magic, insisted that she take it in, and up, just about everywhere, and unlike the bride I truly was in my day, I picked it up 20 hours before I would wear it, without even the thought to try it on. It fit! It was perfect!

That Sunday morning, I ran up to West Hartford, where the Fabulous Naomi Martinez and her lovely assistant Yazmin squeezed me in and "did me up". My make-up rocked, fake eyelashes and all, and my hair was wild, completely over the top, and just as I had wanted. Off I raced, down the highway, chasing the fabulous light I knew Megan wanted to catch so badly, (I too for selfish reasons, it was 39 degrees out!)

I begged my hubby to come along, insisted he would have fun and we would get some great pictures together, which we absolutely did!

Here are a few of my absolute favorites, all courtesy of Megan LaBarbera but swing over to Megan's blog to see more!

If this is something you have ever considered doing, but just haven't, I highly recommend it! It was so liberating! I will never forget the experience and love the pictures I have to visually remember it by as well!

For anyone who is still searching for that perfect photographer for you, I highly recommend checking Megan out! She totally rocks!


  1. Thanks so much Talia! YOu are such a sweetie! I love the story of your dress and I thought it was exceptionally flattering on you! You are gorgeous! ;o)

  2. Hot damn Tal and Ed! Love your work Meg! My SIL is soon to be engaged and I will certainly send her your way!

  3. Talia, you look AWESOME!!! Meg rocked the house on your shoot- it looks like you had so much fun, and you can' tell how cold I am sure you probably were! ;)

  4. Meg, thank YOU so much! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

    Linds, so funny! We did look good, no? ha.

    Carla, Thanks so much for swinging by! and for the compliments too. blush..

  5. Holy smokes Talia! You look awesome! What fun to dress like a bride for another day. I loved that your husband joined in some of the shots. Those pics are really great!

    By the way, love the new blog. I'm reliving my wedding planning days by looking through your entries!

  6. Diana, thanks for stopping by and reading along!

    We had such a blast with the TTD! If you are even remoting considering it, DO IT....

    Thanks for the blog compliments! It is so much fun for us to share our weddings in this forum!