Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marjan and Matthew's Welcome Bar-B-Q in Mystic

The last weekend in May, the Sixpence team started the wedding season with a bang! I am not quite sure how to adequetely explain how wonderful Marjan and Matthew are, and how thrilled we were to hold such a special part of their planning journey and wedding weekend. They are the type of people that draw others to them, people who push you to be better yourself and people who make you feel genuinely cared for, whenever you are around them.

Marjan's smile and laugther are infectous, Matthew's inquisitive nature was a breath of fresh air and made you stop and wonder too. Their love of all things mid-century modern, Vienna Succession design, and a desire to incorporate their families heritages, all in conjunction with throwing an incredible wedding that would delight their guests and leave them with with unforgettable memories of a fun time shared by family and friends was a wedding planner's dream. They pushed us to be more creative and more imaginative, to truly design the finest of details with the big picture in mind, and to ensure their vision took shape, even when it may have been hard to visualize. Marjan and Matthew are the type of clients who remind us that doing our jobs are living our career dreams.

I want to thank Becker for all of the amazing images in capturing Marjan and Matthew's wedding. We couldn't have been happier to work with a more fun and talented photographer on such a wonderful wedding.

On the eve of their wedding, Marjan and Matthew began their weekend celebration with a wedding rehearsal and clambake/bar-b-q at the The Boat Shed at Lighthouse Point in Mystic, Connecticut. Almost all of their guests travelled from out of town, and what better of a way to welcome them to the Connecticut shoreline than with a festive New England feast!

Naturally I got in on the action too as we walked through the ceremony. There were a lot of questions and many involved people, as the joining of the couple involved paying respect to both Marjan's Iranian heritage and Matthew's Jewish religion. It was quite chilly for the last weekend in May, and misting, I might add, but I will take weather like it was that night, any weekend of the year, if it means that the following day will be as picture perfect as their wedding day weather delivered!

Following the rehearsal, guests began to gather at the boat shed for the evening's festivities.

We decorated the tables in red and white checkered linens, perfect for the setting and the menu. And to dress the tables in a subtle manor, terracotta potted Marigold's, one of Marjan's special requests were placed in the center. Guests enjoyed a mix of Iranian tunes, some classic rock, and some chill Indie tunes, thanks to Rob Waldron from Standing Ovations DJ

I had to share a picture of the operation. Everything was cooked in large pots, grills and an open flame. Guests couldn't help but watch, it was really a sight to see. One of the most popular items, the mini bags of mixed shellfish. A perfect sampling of steamers, little necks, and mussels - YUM!

Not only was the occasion special b/c it was celebrating what was to come on the following day, but it was also Matthew's birthday. From early on in the planning, Marjan knew she wanted to surpise Matthew with a birthday cake, and when we went to the cake tastings (for the wedding), Matthew kept talking about how much he loved the red velvet, we had our flavor. You may recognize the similarily of Matthew's incredible birthday cake to the 1956 "Marshmallow Sofa" originally designed by George Nelson. We can't thank Audra from Let Em Eat Cake, enough for her incredible talent in designing and executing the vision. To say that Matthew, and Marjan actually, were floored, would be an understatement. Guests LOVED it too. Not only do Audra's cakes look super cool, they taste divine as well!

After the cake cutting, Marjan and Matthew's dear friend Dave took the mic to begin the Roasts, the Toasts, and the Talent Show, including a beautiful and moving song by Marjan's friend. I was a bit nervous when M&M told me that they wanted to leave the job of the emcee to their friend rather than the professionals, but not only did Dave live up to the task, he blew everyone away. His whit, his charm, and his fondness for Marjan and Matthew were very touching. As he spoke, guests couldn't help but listen and laugh.

Sadly, closing time came too soon for the lively crowd. As staff and vendors cleaned and packed for the evening, Marjan, Matthew, and their guests moved the party to the Octagon Bar at the Mystic Marriott where everyone was spending the weekend. Friday the 29th of May could not have been a more perfect start to a wonderful weekend.

We can not wait to come back and share the details of the wedding with you soon!