Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Local Treasure

This past weekend while driving back from a client meeting Talia and I unexpectedly stumbled upon the adorable Sabrina Style Boutique in Sandy Hook. In the window we saw not only a fun, flirty number, but also a gorgeous tiered trumped skirt wedding gown. Quick as a flash we pulled in and once inside were instantly charmed with what we found!

Sabrina Style, with its vintage tin ceiling and modern regency lighting fixtures, is a delightful little jewel featuring Mon Cheri and La Sposa bridal gowns, as well as the WTOO line for maids. We met the owner, her husband and pup, who were super sweet and mentioned that they have an in house seamstress as well.

In addition to wedding attire, Sabrina Style also carries special event and cocktail attire, tuxes, as well as TOMS shoes and a mix of accessories. Never one to say no to shopping, Talia walked out with a swingy little dress and me the most perfect fitted black blazer. Prices are reasonable too.

Definitely check it out and say we sent you!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lindsay & Talia

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump Day Smile!

This is the type of testimonial that makes your smile widen, your heart warm, and your appreciation for endless hours of work grow exponentially!

We can't wait to share the details of Marnie and David's wedding with you, but for today, I leave a teaser picture from the super talented Marlin Munoz and Marnie's review of our services.

Marnie's Review:

First of all, I cannot begin to stress how important it is to have a day of coordinator. DIY bride, local, destination, small wedding, big wedding – you’ll be so glad that you did. I had phone interviews with several local wedding event planners; Talia and Lindsay got my wedding, asked the right questions, were fun, professional and affordable. In fact, in planning from afar, Talia’s vendor help may have saved me a few dollars. ... I am having trouble finding the words to describe how grateful and lucky we were to have them.

Talia was my point person and she was always available for me. Shortly after signing the contract, I ran into vendor problems. Talia quickly got me proposals and assured me that it would all work out. Guess what? It did. I was DIY bride and bridal blogaholic with all of these crazy projects “organized” in 18 boxes to be set up at historic venue that doesn’t have tons of weddings and an extremely limited window for set up the day of the wedding. I don’t know how Talia organized and put together every piece of the puzzle but she did it with such grace. Whatever needed to happen, she made it happen. Like a magician. Things would appear from nowhere. I’d forget to do something and it was already done. She came up with a great time line and worked so well with the other vendors. No one was late or out of place.

There was traffic so the reception started pretty late and somehow we stayed on schedule. However that happened, Talia is responsible for allowing us to be in the moment and enjoy the day. From the moment she hugged me on the way into the venue, I never had a care in the world. It was perfect and that is the way I will always remember it (even though I’m sure it was crazy hectic). More important than the timing, the vendors, the tons of calls and emails we exchanged two months prior to the day to the email I received at 2am the night before the wedding was Talia’s personality. She was so warm and welcoming to me, my family and guests. I walked down the aisle alone (it was a pretty long walk too :) Before I took off, I could feel my heel was stuck in my dress. She fixed that too.

There’s more so much more to Sixpence and how hard they worked to make everything look effortless. When I saw her assistants arranging my escort cards while waiting on the stairs alone as the bridal party was walking outside, a calm came over me. There were all my nutty projects and they looked so cute! I have a million moments that I could recount but the indelible impression I am left with is still in awe.

Talia, and the entire Sixpence staff is a-mazing. They were worth every penny.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Accessorize Your Maids in Style!

While surfing the web, ah hem, Etsy, for daily goodies, I couldn't help but stumble upon some really fab accessories, which could totally be worn to stylize your favorite ladies. In fact, I loved one of the above so much, I purchased it for myself on the spot! I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail.

1. Bobbi Jordan - Canton Rose
2. Clutch That - Peacock Clutch
3. Otis B - Aspen Leaf Necklace
4. Three Wishes Studio - Robin’s Egg Earrings
5. Topsy Turvy Design - Floral & Feather Hair Flair
6. Pink Birds Nest - Shoe Clips
7. Vintage Bezel Ring
8. Sakatagin - Antique Lockets
9. DCC Formal Style - So Chic Caplet