Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back - 2009 in Review

2009 was another spectacular year for Sixpence For Your Shoe. We had so many wonderful clients, worked with so many incredibly talented industry professionals and of course, had so much fun. Lindsay and I want to offer congratulations once more to all of our 2009 clients on their marriages and beautiful wedding days. We feel so honored to have shared such a special part of your journey to happily ever after. Wishing you all the happiness in love, in life, in marriage together!

Marjan and Matthew, Eolia Mansion at Harkness State Park, photography by The Becker

Michelle and Ryan, Private Estate (The Fox Run Farm), photography by Troy Photography
Shelby and Ryan, Westover School, photography by Eileen Broderick Photography
Kara and Andrew, Guilford Yacht Club, photography by Vicki Souza Photography
Liz and Geoff, Seamen's Inn, photography by Robert and Kathleen Photographers
Meghan and Charlie, Wachusett Village Inn, photography by Michael J Charles Photography

Jen and Charles, Hartford Marriott, photography by Stelcar Photography
Cindy and Jared, The Waterview, photography by Erin Keirnan
Melissa and Evan, Temple Shaaray Tefila, photography by Dave Robbins Photography

Amanda and Kyle, Saltwater Farm Vineyard, photography by Creative Image Collections
Liz and Garry, The Quinnipiak Club, photography by Alissa Dinneen

Marnie and David, The Burr Homestead, photography by Marlin Munoz Photography
Amie and Tyler, The Guilford Yacht Club, photography by Troy Photography

Christine and Matthew, Trumbull Kitchen, photography by Leslie Dumke

Thank you all for making 2009 so wonderful! We are looking forward to another great year in 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Marjan and Matthew

This post has been a long time coming for our fabulous clients Marjan and Matthew who wedded back in May at the stunning waterfront Eolia Mansion. We posted their "New England Clambake" welcome bbq earlier in the season and now we are finally ready to share all of the glorious details from their wedding day. We are so excited to finally blog this wedding, as it is also a featured "Love Story" in the 2010 issue of La Bella Bride Magazine!

We pulled together an amazing team of vendors to accomplish the complete design and event production. With this team we were able to give the coin phrased couple "M&M" the wedding they have always envisioned.

I want to send a huge thank you to Becker for all of the incredible wedding and BBQ images. From the first moments of our initial consultation with Becker, we knew he was the one who would capture M&M's digital memories. In addition to having Becker photograph the wedding, Wes Jones was on board to provide both digital and Super 8 Film.

To step back a minute, I wanted to share an an excerpt I posted as part of their initial blog entry for their BBQ recap:

The last weekend in May, the Sixpence team started the wedding season with a bang! I am not quite sure how to adequately explain how wonderful Marjan and Matthew are, and how thrilled we were to hold such a special part of their planning journey and wedding weekend. They are the type of people that draw others to them, people who push you to be better yourself and people who make you feel genuinely cared for, whenever you are around them.

Marjan's smile and laughter are infectious, Matthew's inquisitive nature was a breath of fresh air and made you stop and wonder too. Their love of all things mid-century modern, Vienna Succession design, and a desire to incorporate their families heritages, all in conjunction with throwing an incredible wedding that would delight their guests and leave them with with unforgettable memories of a fun time shared by family and friends was a wedding planner's dream. They pushed us to be more creative and more imaginative, to truly design the finest of details with the big picture in mind, and to ensure their vision took shape, even when it may have been hard to visualize. Marjan and Matthew are the type of clients who remind us that doing our jobs are living our career dreams.

Onto the details of M&M's wedding day!

The day started with Marjan and her ladies beautifying at the Red Door Salon at the Mystic Marriott for their hair appointments and the artist DD nickel providing the flawless Make-Up. One of the amazing things about our job is that you get to glimpse into the lives of couples and families with little and special details you may otherwise never know. Take the below image of Matthew for example. Marjan told Becker and I all about how Matthew makes this adorable monkey face when putting the finishing touches on his hair. How great is it that this image is now forever captured on one of the most memorable days of their lives? I absolutely love it! And on the right, I pin Marjan's totally funky and fun veil on right before the soon to be marrieds have a pre-ceremony "first sighting"!

Matthew donned his own tux, by Hugo Boss, and Marjan dazzled in a stunning and structured Carolina Herrera purchased from the lovely Alison at the The Plumed Serpent Bridal in Westport, CT. Marjan had been eying this dress from the very beginning, I am so happy for her that she not only found it, but glowed in it on her wedding day. And of course, for a bride with both super chic style and a totally practical side, these sweet kitten heels to polish off her look.

While Marjan and Matthew were getting ready, we readied the grounds for the guests' arrival. The ceremony was to take place on the sprawling lawn behind the mansion. You can't ask for a better view, not to mention better weather! The mansion isn't too shabby either!

Look at the excitement on Marjan's face as she approached Matthew for their first sighting. The two of them were in awe of each other, the images that Becker got during this time are incredible.

The kids in this wedding were absolutely adorable. So much spunk and personality in those little bodies! The little girls wore these cutesy numbers from Etsy Seller, Sweet Plume who we have featured before in our blog. They carried fairy wants to polish off the look. The little boys went with a bit of spunk with their black suspenders and silver bow ties. We matched their bouts to the girls.

Marjan and Matthew were married in a combined Iranian and Hebrew ceremony, jointly officiated by a local Mystic Justice of the Peace, and Matthew's father David. It was so incredible to witness all of the different Iranian aspects Marjan incorporated with the help of her mother and her aunts co-mingled with the traditional Jewish elements. Guests were given the opportunity to participate in the ceremony, as all females were welcomed to sprinkle sugar over the couple's heads. Smashing Cards provided the beautiful programs for the ceremony, which incorporated Marjan and Matthew's design sense as well as detailed explanation of the ceremony components.

Following the ceremony, guests were greeted by the totally fabu staff from A Thyme To Cook with passed wine and champagne, as they made their way into the gardens and pergola area for cocktail hour. During this time, we ensured that the finishing touches were all in place inside the mansion. It was important to Marjan and Matthew that the colors were bold and vibrant, all tying into Marjan's Iranian heritage with the various shades of purples, oranges and pops of hot pink. All of the stunning florals were created (almost all of them done on site), by Tony and Kat at Datura, A Modern Garden . We couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. The flowers were everything Marjan and Matthew wanted.

Surrounding the trio of tall pillars with birds of paradise and floating candles, the escort cards were fanned in a large circle. The different color cards indicated which room guests were seated in, and the little pictures of vintage cameras - an interest of Matthew's indicated the exact table. The calligraphy was done by Debi at Blooming Quill .

The guest tables featured eggplant lamour linens, custom created runners in a bold black and white pattern, and monocromatic floral arrangements which differed by room.

After dinner, we brought guests into the tented patio area where The Rhythm Shop was ready to go. Marjan and Matthew were introduced to "Hot for Teacher" a surprise to Matthew from Marjan in honor of Matthew's profession as a Professor. They followed with a beautifully choreographed first dance. Family and friends came forward to toast the couple with a bit of moving, serious, light hearted, funny and loving words. Before you know it, the dancing started and it was intense! We love this band, and so did the crowd! In the background, the lighting from Big Wave Events created nice ambiance. Inside the mansion was a natural light amber glow, and the tent and lounge space had a deep purple color.

For guests wishing to rest their tired feet, the lounge area, adjacent to the patio tent was the perfect place to do so. Marjan's brother gave Marjan and Matthew a Hookah as their wedding gift, which was used with passion fruit tobacco during the reception. It gave off a nice and sweet smell. In addition to the lounge space, guests also enjoyed the photobooth from Photobooth Planet It was a total riot to see all of the guests with the fun mustaches, boas, oversized sunglasses and more! A Thyme to Cook displayed a variety of sweets for dessert along with slices of wedding cake provided by Toria Dolce. An espresso bar was well received on a slightly chilly May evening.

Marjan and Matthew, we had an amazing time planning your wedding with you. We wish you years of happiness together and fond memories for you and your guests of your incredible wedding day! Cheers,

Talia and Lindsay (and Lorrie and Rachel too)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today is Christine and Matthew's Wedding!

We are so excited to be a part of Christine and Matthew's intimate winter wedding today. With a ceremony at the Old State House and reception at Trumbull Kitchen, it's going to be supah swanky.

Thanks so much to Leslie Dumke for the fabulous engagement photo above!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stay Tuned!

We can't wait to share the totally awesome details from this stunning Eolia Mansion wedding with you! Just another couple of weeks!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Local Treasure

This past weekend while driving back from a client meeting Talia and I unexpectedly stumbled upon the adorable Sabrina Style Boutique in Sandy Hook. In the window we saw not only a fun, flirty number, but also a gorgeous tiered trumped skirt wedding gown. Quick as a flash we pulled in and once inside were instantly charmed with what we found!

Sabrina Style, with its vintage tin ceiling and modern regency lighting fixtures, is a delightful little jewel featuring Mon Cheri and La Sposa bridal gowns, as well as the WTOO line for maids. We met the owner, her husband and pup, who were super sweet and mentioned that they have an in house seamstress as well.

In addition to wedding attire, Sabrina Style also carries special event and cocktail attire, tuxes, as well as TOMS shoes and a mix of accessories. Never one to say no to shopping, Talia walked out with a swingy little dress and me the most perfect fitted black blazer. Prices are reasonable too.

Definitely check it out and say we sent you!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lindsay & Talia

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump Day Smile!

This is the type of testimonial that makes your smile widen, your heart warm, and your appreciation for endless hours of work grow exponentially!

We can't wait to share the details of Marnie and David's wedding with you, but for today, I leave a teaser picture from the super talented Marlin Munoz and Marnie's review of our services.

Marnie's Review:

First of all, I cannot begin to stress how important it is to have a day of coordinator. DIY bride, local, destination, small wedding, big wedding – you’ll be so glad that you did. I had phone interviews with several local wedding event planners; Talia and Lindsay got my wedding, asked the right questions, were fun, professional and affordable. In fact, in planning from afar, Talia’s vendor help may have saved me a few dollars. ... I am having trouble finding the words to describe how grateful and lucky we were to have them.

Talia was my point person and she was always available for me. Shortly after signing the contract, I ran into vendor problems. Talia quickly got me proposals and assured me that it would all work out. Guess what? It did. I was DIY bride and bridal blogaholic with all of these crazy projects “organized” in 18 boxes to be set up at historic venue that doesn’t have tons of weddings and an extremely limited window for set up the day of the wedding. I don’t know how Talia organized and put together every piece of the puzzle but she did it with such grace. Whatever needed to happen, she made it happen. Like a magician. Things would appear from nowhere. I’d forget to do something and it was already done. She came up with a great time line and worked so well with the other vendors. No one was late or out of place.

There was traffic so the reception started pretty late and somehow we stayed on schedule. However that happened, Talia is responsible for allowing us to be in the moment and enjoy the day. From the moment she hugged me on the way into the venue, I never had a care in the world. It was perfect and that is the way I will always remember it (even though I’m sure it was crazy hectic). More important than the timing, the vendors, the tons of calls and emails we exchanged two months prior to the day to the email I received at 2am the night before the wedding was Talia’s personality. She was so warm and welcoming to me, my family and guests. I walked down the aisle alone (it was a pretty long walk too :) Before I took off, I could feel my heel was stuck in my dress. She fixed that too.

There’s more so much more to Sixpence and how hard they worked to make everything look effortless. When I saw her assistants arranging my escort cards while waiting on the stairs alone as the bridal party was walking outside, a calm came over me. There were all my nutty projects and they looked so cute! I have a million moments that I could recount but the indelible impression I am left with is still in awe.

Talia, and the entire Sixpence staff is a-mazing. They were worth every penny.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Accessorize Your Maids in Style!

While surfing the web, ah hem, Etsy, for daily goodies, I couldn't help but stumble upon some really fab accessories, which could totally be worn to stylize your favorite ladies. In fact, I loved one of the above so much, I purchased it for myself on the spot! I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail.

1. Bobbi Jordan - Canton Rose
2. Clutch That - Peacock Clutch
3. Otis B - Aspen Leaf Necklace
4. Three Wishes Studio - Robin’s Egg Earrings
5. Topsy Turvy Design - Floral & Feather Hair Flair
6. Pink Birds Nest - Shoe Clips
7. Vintage Bezel Ring
8. Sakatagin - Antique Lockets
9. DCC Formal Style - So Chic Caplet

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modern Trousseau at Bridal Market

I was so excited to receive an email from our dear chums at Modern Trousseau containing images of their new collection released this week at Bridal Market. We have had many past brides wear Callie's and David's Collections purchased through boutiques like The White Dress by the Shore, as well as have a few brides working directly with them to create incredibly glamorous custom gowns for next year. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please do enjoy a few samples of their luscious frocks. What I love most is how utterly versatile so many seem. I could easily see them worn on the beach in the summer, a vineyard in the fall or at an old inn in the winter. The attention to detail on these gowns is incredible, especially the backs, which to me is so important. They look so light, so effortless, so lovely and easy to wear, I know you will eat them up as I did! Yum!

Carla - FCarla - B

Addison - FAddison - B

Poppy - FPoppy - B

Riley - FRiley - B

Lena FrontLena Back

Hailey - F

Dainty Bolero
bolero frontbolera back

Cozy Furs topping Holly & Sabrina
Fox ShrugFur Bolero


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Liz and Garry

Liz and Garry wed on one of the most beautiful September days you could imagine. We were so thrilled to work with them in designing the details of their wedding and coordinating all of their wedding stationary.

Special thanks to Alissa Dinneen for all of these gorgeous pictures!

Liz came to be with a love of dragonflies and a desire for a blue and green invitation and wedding stationary suite. Formality with a touch of whimsy, sophisticated with a light and fun flair. I love the way everything came together. We couldn't have been more thrilled to work with Liz and Garry and are so happy for them that everything turned out beautifully!

Flowers by Danielle did an incredible job incorporating the colors and carrying the overall vision, from the bouquets, to the ceremony arrangements, to the reception entrance table with wheat grass display and then onto the centerpieces.

A girl after our own heart, Liz had not one but two pairs of gorgeous designer shoes to rock her wedding. A more traditional look with ivory Jimmy Choo's for the ceremony, were later swapped out for a totally fabu pair of Christain Louboutin's in brilliant blue for the reception. le sigh. Both looked equally stunning against her Modern Trousseau gown, purchased at one of fav boutiques, The White Dress by the Shore .

Liz and Garry were married at the Holy Infant Church in Orange with the reception following at the Quinnipiak Club in New Haven. Their beautiful wedding cake was provided by Sugarbelle Cakes .

We are certain you will enjoy the eye candy below!

Liz and Garry, Congratulations on your beautiful wedding and sending lots of love and happiness your way! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your day!