Friday, December 19, 2008

Love: Interpreted

A few Friday's ago, I dragged my exceptionally flexible, agreeable, and not to mention wonderful, husband Stephen to Love: Interpreted, a woman's photography show at the new MAC 650 Artspace in downtown Middletown. I had received the email invitation earlier in the week and upon seeing that so many amazing female photographers were being featured at the same show, I had to check it out in person. Middletown also has a special place in our hearts as that is where we lived for three years, and also where we were married.

The gallery itself was tiny and minimal, but good things do indeed come in small packages, as inside beheld a fierce combination of talent on those white walls. It was so exciting to see the work of photographers we have worked with the past and those we hope to book weddings together in the future.

Steve and I had a great time taking in all the different perspectives and of love, meeting husbands and kiddies of fellow vendors (Jerome & Jen, Leighton is a doll; Carla that Georgie of yours a total peach), and as well as enjoying a bit of Justin and Paul's special brew. Another treat was the unexpected appearance of one of our clients, who is the grand dame behind The Wedding Embassy, in Watertown.

Upon my daily read of Justin and Mary's blog, I had to chuckle, as in their photo of the event, you can see my back (I'm in the plaid coat), as well as my husband Stephen's(to my left), as we are catching up with Jane (to the right).

Thanks again for the invite, ladies! We had a great time.



  1. Hey, thanks for coming!!! Hopefully we'll chat soon.

    Krystal (and Paul) from Studio Foto

  2. Wouldn't dream of missing it!

    Drop a line or give a ring should you need any help with your planning!

  3. I'm so glad you guys were there to support all of us, it really meant a lot!