Friday, March 6, 2009

Fabulous Frocks for Your Bridal Fete: Kate Spade Gracious

On a fun Friday morning, I am excited to bring you our second installment in our series devoted to fashion forward wedding footwear! Allow me to introduce you to Kate Spade Gracious! Hello beautiful! And is purple not one of the hottest colors of the year? I think so!

While browsing My Glass Slipper, a great resource for traditionally styled bridal shoes, I happened across Gracious, but in color! I was so excited to see their introduction, but then read that they will be stocking this shoe in white and ivory only...but of course. Fear not ladies, Gracious will be available in June, so keep your eyes out for these pretties.

What I love most about Kate Spade is the attention to detail and feminine designs. I just happened to wear a pair myself for our recent headshots (which we will be blogging soon!). The Gracious, in particular screams "Perfect for your Purple Wedding" to me as it's use of various shades is exactly what we aim for in wedding decor. Eggplant, Lavendar and Plum, the complimentary mix in a color palette gives depth and variety.

Swoon away ladies!


  1. SUPER CUTE!!! I LOVE shoes. What a great post. I can't wait to have my headshots with Justin & Mary just shoe I can totally rock my teal hottie shoes ;-)

  2. I agree about the shoe! I'm buying them for our wedding, which is on a cruise. PERFECT!!! LOVE KATE SPADE SHOES!

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  5. Does anyone know where I can find a pair of kate spade gracious in the 3 shades of purple? they can be new or used.