Saturday, December 31, 2011

Connecticut Wedding Planner | Reflecting on a Spectacular 2011

image by blue diamond photography

As we ring in the new year and toast to all the excitement, splendid couples, beautiful weddings, wonderful venues, amazing colleagues and all that 2012 has in store for us, we also take a few moments to honor an incredible 2011. 

We were pushed and challenged to expand our creativity, to explore and design in new locations, and to set the bar that much higher and then some.  We, along with our clients, braved snow (at the beginning of the season and the end!), torrential rains, extreme heat, a hurricane, some of the most glorious of weather days and more.  We grew our team, yet again and broadened our talented network of vendors and colleagues, allowing our clients fetes to be that much more fabulous!  And we met amazing couples, who welcomed us into their fold, gave us the opportunity to play such intimate roles in their lives - their wedding day, and who leave us with fond memories, in the same way we hoped we were able to do for them. 

Here is just a small look back at our year:

Images by: Stacey Ilyse Photography, E. Broderick Photography, Iris Photography, Katie Slater for Carla Ten Eyck, Leslie Dumke Photography, Blue Diamond Photography, Alternate Angles, Steve Depino, Alissa Dinneen Photography, Studio 1923, Justin & Mary, and Alissa Keane Photography

Congratulations to our 2011 clients and couples:
Alissa and John
Karri and Chris
Anna and Justin
Amanda and Sasha
Meghan and Glen
Brie and Matthew
Laura and Jeff
Caity and Matt
Heidi and Al
Judy's Birthday Party
Hillary and Rory
Stephanie and Matt
Lara and Robby
Alicia and Steve
Liz and Fred
Amy and David
Lila and Paul
Shawn's 40th Bash

Here's to 2011!


  1. Amazing pictures! What emotions and mood captured! Love it! Just shared it on my facebook :)

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  3. Nice collection of photos. I find the first image with a background of lights look so amazing.