Friday, January 9, 2009

Move over Wedding Cake...!

Whoever said the prettiest of cakes need be reserved for weddings alone? At Sixpence, we happen to adore beautiful party cakes for all occasions!

Wedding cakes have certainly come a long way over the years, gone are the days of the large tipped piping, off-white stacked layer on layer, tasteless confections. Pastry chef's have been perfecting their art to include incredible design, sugar paste flowers, hand painted fontant and elaborate shapes.

So it is no surprise that the days of a sheet cake for shower's are disappearing as well! A cake can speak to a girl's personality and with endless possibilities, why choose anything else! Here are a few we have fallen head over heals for:

For a bride with a winter shower, this variation on the more common "gift box" cake is beyond fun. It almost seems as if every guest will be plated one individual gift for dessert! YUM. Courtesty of Colettes Cakes

And if you love period fashion, how is this for a blast right back into the 50's. We love the work of Jacques Pastries for all of the beautiful work they produce, including this adorable tribute to the poodle skirt.

And right here in Connecitcut is the The Cake Boutique. These girls just GET IT when it comes to party cakes. How adorable is this Prada show box cake?

Or, for girls like Lindsay and I who adore hand bags, check out these confections! Gucci, Chanel, Louis or D&B... let's be honest ladies, why should anyone have to choose just one?

Courtesty of The Cake Store, Rouvelee Cakes, Just Cakes, Cakes by Audrelle,

Lastly, this "show stopper" from the The Pink Cake Box is absolutely incredible! For the most feminine of feminime, an ivory frock with pale pink petals. English tea comes to mind for me! If it only tastes half as good as it looks, I am sure it will be divine!

 Dress Form Cake with Roses Sew Fashion

When it comes to occasion cakes, you can definitely have your cake and eat it too! I know we certainly prefer it that way. Enjoy!


  1. So digging the Prada Box. Can I have one of those with a really shoe box filled with a cute pair of heels for my next birthday? Here is to hoping and great post.

  2. these are AMAZING! holy moly those purse cakes are crazy!!

  3. Incredible cakes - never seen any as bags before - extraordinary