Monday, September 8, 2008

Be Still My Heart: Silas W. Robbins House Bed & Breakfast

I'm a girl with a mission . .When I was planning my own wedding it was for the perfect earrings and hair feather. When we moved into our first home it was for the perfect coffee table (found!) and antique bombe chest (still looking). Most recently, I've been on a quest to find a client the perfect venue for her small winter wedding. Like most of my missions, the hidden treasure at the end of the rainbow almost always shows its pretty face when I am least looking, or just happen to stumble upon it in such an unpredictable manner I might have missed it altogether had I just gone about my regular day.

Take this weekend, for instance. While on mile 8 of a 10 mile run through Old Wethersfield with fellow Sixpence assistant Alicia early Sunday morning, we were discussing potential venues in the area for this client and on a whim she suggested a recently restored bed and breakfast, which happened to be up the street from where we were. Quick as a flash, we ran up the street and lo and behold this is what we saw (note, I came back later to take the photos):

Be still my heart is right.

The venue is none other than the Silas W. Robbins House Bed and Breakfast, which has an amazing sense of history and an even more amazing restoration story. Innkeepers John and Shireen Aforismo and and their adorable grandaughter Hannah, for whom the third floor ballroom is named after, were kind enough to give me a tour and provide me with all the information I needed.

Walking inside, you are immediately welcomed into a stunning foyer with fabulous antiques and period details. Shireen did a magnificent job decorating every inch of this property.

On the first floor there is a lovely sitting parlor, breakfast room and dining room.

On the third floor of the house is a cream-puff of a ballroom, so sweet I could eat it up! It's just perfect for a small wedding of 40 people or so, a bridal shower or any other ladies luncheon.

Need something a little bigger for your event? Check out this lawn, so fabulous (and flat!) for a tented wedding of 120 or so.

They have also held ceremonies on the front stairs of the property.

Rental fees begin at $525 for 3 hours and include basic tables and chairs. If you rent the facility,you are required to book the five guest rooms; prices range from $195-$325 (excluding 12% tax and gratuity). This price includes breakfast the following morning as well.

Even if you are getting married at a different location, the Silas W. Robbins House is a spectacular place in which to get ready and/or spending your wedding night. Check out the bridal suite!

and . . the penny tiled bathroom with multiple shower heads!

Finally, this stunning suite I am personally over the moon for. Can I move in please??

I am so in love with this place I can't stand it. I hope my client adores it as much as I do!


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